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Ann’s Heart Secures First Grant Towards Purchase the Sacred Heart Campus

$500,000 commitment made by the Phoenixville Community Health Foundation

Phoenixville, PA: Ann’s Heart ( has been granted $500,000 over three years towards the purchase of the Sacred Heart campus in downtown Phoenixville by the Phoenixville Community Health Foundation (PCHF). We are excited to announce the first commitment of funds towards our 3-year, $3.5M initiative to purchase, maintain and renovate the property, and expand programming with our nonprofit partners to serve the people of Phoenixville and the surrounding region with the hub of services offered at Ann’s Heart.

The 3-year initiative is called the REPROJECT ( and has three goals:

  • RETAIN - raise funding to purchase the campus by end of Q1 2024 ($2M)

  • RESTORE - address maintenance issues and enhance ADA compliance ($1M)

  • REIMAGINE - expand our programs and build out additional spaces on the campus for nonprofit partners to increase the services offered at Ann’s Heart ($500K)

“Ann’s Heart has become a key nonprofit in the Phoenixville area serving residents in need, whether for shelter, food, or other supports”, shared Tamela Luce, CEO of PCHF. “And they have revitalized an elementary school on the property to become a hub for other nonprofits. We are proud to support their vision.”

PCHF’s funding of the REPROJECT will allow us to create new spaces for additional nonprofit partners to ensure we are providing essential services to those in need. Expanded programs will include on-site transitional housing for individuals and families experiencing homelessness.

“PCHF has been a long-time supporter of our work in the community and our growth,” says Kristen McGee, Executive Director of Ann’s Heart. “We are grateful for their incredible generosity and know that this commitment towards our REPROJECT will help to open doors to additional funders and financial support”.

“Equitable access to a better quality of life is the mission of PCHF, and the work of Ann’s Heart has yielded a great partnership, through their provision of access to programming for our neighbors and residents”, says Jessica Cappistrant, Board President of PCHF. “Their agility in meeting the needs of our community through collaboration has brought them to this point, and this acquisition and management is a worthy investment for the future of non profit work staying right here, in Phoenixville.”

Interested in helping?

Support the HEART of Phoenixville and donate to the REPROJECT today! Visit:

About Ann’s Heart: Ann’s Heart is a public non-profit 501(c)(3) charity organization, with a mission to provide a place of welcome and human services for all Phoenixville area people. Since our founding in 2015, Ann’s Heart has created a collaborative hub of nonprofit services for the community with 30+ nonprofit partners and provided emergency shelter, supportive and professional services to over 300+ homeless individuals.


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