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How we serve

Ann's Heart has set out to address gaps in existing services by developing programs in partnership with others that address basic human needs. We focus on meeting individuals 'where they are' and ensuring equitable access to resources. 

Since our inception in 2015, we have opened doors and welcomed the community into our spaces to provide welcome places, but also providing programs that provide access to critical human services.

How can we help?

In 2014, the decision to open the doors of the vacant Sacred Heart School to the community ignited the spark that led to the creation of Ann's Heart. Guided by the mantra "Do good and don't lose too much money," we crafted a mission that would carry us forward: to provide a place of welcome and human services to all Phoenixville area people.

As we embarked on the journey to re-imagine the school building, we discovered a growing need in our community. It was through this vision that, in 2016, Ann's Heart opened one of Chester County's first Code Blue Overnight Emergency Warming Centers. This low-barrier center provides temperature-related emergency shelter and services, housing case management, and mental health/behavioral services.

Over the past eight years, Ann's Heart has opened multiple doors to cultivate welcoming spaces for our community. Our vision of re-purposing existing spaces on our campus has allowed us to creatively address unment needs. By partnering with fellow nonprofits and community members, we have been intentional in filling gaps in services without duplication.

From establishing a collaborative hub at the HEART that houses multiple non-profits to creating CERAH, an emergency shelter for the most vulnerable in our community, we have transformed spaces with the aim of fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment for everyone. 

We firmly believe that by opening our doors and concentrating on crafting spaces of welcome, we can continue to meet the needs of our community with compassion, empathy, and dignity. 

Join us in fulfilling our mission and serving all members of our community.
It starts with you - Get Involved!

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