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Non-Profit Partnerships

We go father when we work together to address community needs. At Ann's Heart we have been so fortunate to partner with amazing organizational partners who help us advance our mission and support those we serve.

Meet Our Non-Profits in Residence

The HEART is "home' to several non-profit partners serving the Phoenixville community. They utilize our building for administrative and program space in order to be able to serve in the heart of their community.

Acting as an incubator for non-profit programs, shared space amongst our partners has lead to some incredible collaborative programming and the ability to address changing needs TOGETHER.


Trellis for Tomorrow is building resilient communities from the ground up. We provide services and programs for youth of all ages to ensure our community has meaningful work, dynamic relationships, and healthy land.

Collaborative Project:
Hall Street Community Garden

Project Healing Hive provides the community with free holistic-based mental health and wellness programs to underserved and stigmatized populations in Southeastern Pennsylvania.

Community Services:
Drop-In Mental Health
& Wellness

Delaware Valley VEG is on a mission to prove that plant-based, sustainable foods are not only great for the environment, but they are delicious and satisfying too!

Collaborative Project:
Providing Vegan options across all of our free community meal programs.

Crescendo Phoenixville is a community-based music program that provides high quality music education to Phoenixville children who might otherwise not receive it.


Barnstone Art for Kids uses the Power of Art tofoster resiliency in children facing adversity. Children benefit from sustained one-on-one interactions with a motivated mentor and our mentors are rewarded with a sense of fulfillment and a chance to make a difference.

Hall Street Community Garden

Great things happen when you dream big!

As we renovated the HEART, we were looking for ways to improve our exterior spaces.

We partnered with Trellis for Tomorrow and our Hall Street Neighbors to design and build an incredible community garden. Built in 2020, our raised beds have produced more than 600 lbs of fresh, organic produce each year over the course of three growing seasons - spring, summer, and fall!

The garden is lovingly tended to and managed by our neighborhood volunteers, guided by Trellis staff members. All produce is harvested and utilized by area pantries, neighbors, and our HEART Kitchen programs.

Drop In Mental Health & Wellness

In response to a growing need to mental health services at CERAH, we reached out to our partners at Project Healing Hive to see how they could support our guests.

Thanks to their Better Aid Program, PHH now serves our guests who are in need of mental health or wellness supports for FREE.


Additionally, every week the team from PHH provides free access to their services at the HEART. Drop-in services ensure low-barrier access to these critical services as a preventative health measure.

Sustainable Plant-Based Options

Thanks to our incredible partners at Delaware Valley VEG, all of our community meal programs now include a plant-based meal option for those who choose vegetarian or vegan meals. Why is this so important?

Many people choose plant-based diets to help treat chronic health conditions, others to support sustainability efforts - but no matter WHY you choose these options - they can often be expensive. By offering these options through our FREE community meals, we are ensuring that no matter your economic abilities, you still have access to healthy and sustainable food options. Not to mention they are delicious!

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