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Saturday, April 27th, 2024

The mystery unfolds from 4 PM - 6 PM in Downtown Phoenixville.

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The story

It is 1942 and one day before the crowning of the Dogwood Queen. It’s been a week since Adeline Whitaker, daughter of wealthy steel man Joe Whitaker, has been abducted. Inspector Urscheler knows ‘who done it’ and where Adeline can be found. But...

As he’s putting up the BOLO on the Colonial marquee, a mysterious figure pushes the ladder, and he falls, hitting his head and developing amnesia. To make matters worse, his briefcase, which was handcuffed to his wrist, opens and his case files fly everywhere down Bridge Street.

Can you help Inspector Urscheler jog his memory and catch the culprit, all in time to save the Dogwood Festival? We need YOU to follow the clues, interview suspects, and figure out what happened to Adeline Whitaker, front-runner of the Dogwood Queen contest, on the eve of the Dogwood Festival. 

Help us solve this year’s Bridge Street Mystery: Deception at Dogwood!

About the Event

Super Awesome Great Escape Room of Phoenixville presents the inaugural Bridge Street Mysteries - a "who done it" of epic proportions benefiting Ann's Heart.


Join us as Inspector Urscheler unleashes his newly appointed Detectives (YOU!) on downtown Phoenixville in search of suspects to interview. Follow the clues and determine the culprit at this year's event: Deception at Dogwood!

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Most Wanted: SPONSORS

If you've ever fancied yourself a detective or a purveyor of justice, now's your chance to prove it!


We're thrilled to invite you to take part in our new upcoming Bridge Street Mysteries:  Deception at Dogwood event taking place on April 27, 2024. It's not just an afternoon of intrigue; it's a golden opportunity to showcase your commitment to community causes while having a blast doing it.

Your support will not only help us stage an event to remember but will also cast you as a hero in the eyes of our attendees, who will surely be as grateful as a detective with a freshly cracked case.

Imagine your logo stealing the spotlight faster than a culprit fleeing the scene of the crime. But wait, there's more! By aligning your esteemed brand with our event, you're not just supporting a good cause; you're becoming part of a narrative that's as compelling as any Agatha Christie novel.


Includes INSPECTOR Level Sponsorship Items, PLUS:

• 30 second video “commercial” to play at end of event during big reveal

• Logo on Event T-Shirt placed in prominent stand-alone position

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