Code Blue Overnight Emergency Warming Center

The Code Blue Overnight Emergency Warming Center, located in the hall below Sacred Heart Church in Phoenixville, provides a cold weather, overnight center for men, women and families. According to Chester County regulations, Code Blue is when temperatures dip to 35 degrees or below (considering the wind chill factor). This is when the risk of hypothermia, frost bite, or other cold-related injuries could occur if outside for prolonged periods of time."

Ann's Heart believes that whether it is 35º or 38º it is too cold to sleep outside at night during the winter months. This is why the Code Blue Overnight Emergency Warming Center is open from mid-November to mid-April (depending on the weather for any given year) from 8 PM to 8 AM, seven days a week, with one paid staff member and up to two volunteers per shift each night. However, during a severe weather event the center may remain open throughout the day to ensure that guests have a safe and warm place to shelter from the storm. The center can accommodate up to 16 guests each night and all guests are welcome as long as they agree to act in a manner that allows us to fulfill our mission of providing a safe and welcoming environment for all. 

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