Home of Education, Arts, Resources & Technology

Meet: The Home for Education, Arts, Resources, and Technology - The HEART.

After another successful season of our pilot program, the Code Blue Overnight Emergency Warming Center, we got started on our next big initiative - The HEART.

Our vision to convert the vacant Sacred Heart School into a community education center is on it's way to becoming a reality and we couldn’t be more excited! Slowly, we have been showing the space to our community partners and volunteers and sharing our vision for the space.

The support we have seen from the community and our partners is unprecedented. In fact, we’ve had an anonymous donor who has offered us a matching grant to help make this dream a reality!


 The HEART JumpStart: $50K Challenge 

A generous donor (who wishes to remain anonymous) has challenged Ann's Heart and it’s supporters to an "All or Nothing Grant" that would support the reinvention of the vacant school building into
The Home of Education, Arts, Resources, and Technology (HEART).

If we can raise $50,000 by May 30th, 2018 our donor will match that with an additional $50,000!
That means every dollar you donate helps us TWICE as much!

Here's some important information on The HEART JumpStart: $50K Challenge.


As Phoenixville continues to become a more desirable place to live, space (or lack thereof) will continue to be an issue. Space to live, space to play, space to grow, and space to learn. In just the last couple of years, Phoenixville has grown, expanded, and improved and our hope is that it continues to do so. However, at Ann’s Heart, we have something that most nonprofits do not. We have space.

Listening to the community and responding in a way that addresses gaps in service is one of our biggest priorities. We aren’t interested in duplicating programs that the many amazing organizations in our area run. But what we can provide is a space to bring them all together at a rate they can afford in a great location right in the heart of town.

In this way, we hope to provide a space for growth and education so that Phoenixville can continue to be the caring, civically minded, and just down right amazing community that we know it to be. And that we can inspire our new neighbors to be the same.



What: Ann's Heart must raise $50,000 by May 30, 2018

Why: Proceeds are for the development of The HEART - A community education center.

Who: Donations can only be applied to this challenge if they are from individuals.
Contributions from Board Members of Ann's Heart, Foundations and Churches/Religious Organizations cannot be included.
This matching grant is meant to encourage Ann's Heart to expand into and engage with the Phoenixville area community.
Max contribution per family who donates is set at $2,500.

How: This is an ALL OR NOTHING match. If we do not hit the $50K by May 30, 2018, we do not receive any funds from the donor.

We hope you will help us hit our target.